Weyland Outdoors Emergency Survival Kits

The Outdoor Survival Kit that will help you become better prepared to handle the unexpected.

Weyland Outdoors Emergency Survival Kit

Founded on the "5-C's" of Survival

Weyland Outdoors Emergency Survival Kit

Our Survival Kits were designed around the principles of The "5-C's" of Survival: Cordage, Cutting, Combustion, Cover and Container. Each of these elements is represented in one form or another inside the kit PLUS additional items that we feel are essential to a well rounded collection of survival gear .

The BIGGEST & Most Bad-Ass Survival Knife

Survival Knife

We have the absolute BEST Survival Knife offered in any of the other Survival Kits, PERIOD! Our Knife has a "Fixed Blade" with a "Full Tang" making it STRONGER than all other knives. It's made from durable 3Cr13 Stainless Steel, is 10.83" L.O.A. with a serrated edge, Tanto cutting tip, slotted fuller, gut hook AND window breaker. This knife will exceed all your survival gear needs!

The Reviews Are In!

From DeWayne - May 4th, 2009


Very Nice Setup

Really nice set of tools all in one very nice box. Thanks so much for this product.

From Brian - May 5th, 2019


Excellent Price and Value

Great product, all the gear you will need in a compact case. Everything included takes the guess work out of what to bring along with you and all the items are of a high quality. I bought two, gave one to my wife to keep in the car just in case, as the thermal blanket, flashlight, compass, and signal mirror make for excellent car safety kit items too. No need to over think which kit to get, buy this one.

From Michael - May 8th, 2019


Quality Equipment

I was surprised when it showed up earlier than promised. (Always a nice bonus). As an avid outdoorsman and hunter its nice to see that someone put the time in to putting together a quality kit rather than just a bunch of cheaply made barely usable items in a "nice" case. I keep it in the truck for potential emergencies. In Georgia there's no telling when you may be stuck for a few days in the woods on a hunting trip gone wrong. Along with my other supplies the items in the kit will fill the need. Looking forward to the zombie apocalypse now..... Just Kidding. Well done Weyland.



 All survival gear / hiking gear essentials. Our wire saw is made of 304 Stainless Steel & has ergonomically designed handles unlike other kits which only have harsh metal finger rings. The tactical credit card knife in our kit can be used for many applications. Also included in our survival kits is our fire-starter which has a magnesium flint and steel, a bit of tinder to start a camp fire, also houses the whistle AND a focused point Kubotan for breaking glass or self defense!



See, be seen and be heard. All important considerations when thinking about your survival gear . Compact yet durable tactical flashlight makes sorting EDC gear easy in the dark and can be used as a SOS distress signal at night. Our emergency signal mirror is made of a durable acrylic with a highly reflective subsurface. It also has a sight hole so you can target your signal with accuracy. Our emergency whistle is LOUD so first aid can hear you from far away. Our survival kits come complete with each of these!



Our Paracord Bracelet is army green 7 strand 550 Para-cord (military grade) 8.66" braided, 13' unraveled & great for lashings. A metal shackle is also used which is more useful than the plastic clips on bracelets offered in other survival kits . Our compass is stainless steel, sturdy & always points north so you can be confident when finding your way out of trouble. Other survival gear includes a mylar emergency blanket that traps body heat & provides shelter from cold.


Weyland Outdoors Emergency Survival Kit

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