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About Us

Quality Products


Quality is what sets us apart from most other "e-commerce" brands selling survival kits . An unfortunate side effect from the internet boom and the ease of sourcing and selling online, is the number of poor quality products that are being offered. Many of our competitors are foreign "businesses" that source items as cheaply as they can to maximize their profits. This is almost always at the expense of the quality of the product. For Weyland, we put the quality of our camping and outdoor gear first. If we cant get the financial numbers to work, we drop the product all together. We would rather not sell something at all than sell something we consider "cheaply made". Check out our first product: The Weyland Outdoor Survival Kit - it's full of quality survival gear.

Great Value


Not only do we want to make good quality survival kits and outdoor gear, but we also want to be able to price them in a way where our customers feel they received a great value. The "Quality/Price" balance is a delicate one but we feel like we can deliver. We tend to have a smaller profit margin than what most advisers would suggest, but we do this because we believe that VALUE should be one of the key principles for our company and brand. Our aim is to provide you with the "premium" option when it comes to survival gear without going too far above the average retail price of similar, sub-quality products offered on the same platform.

Exceptional Customer Experience


Well first let me introduce myself!

My name is Ryan and I am the founder of Weyland. In addition to making sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase, I also want to create a true, personal and engaging customer service experience. When you contact us about one of our survival kits or other outdoor gear, you'll  have the pleasure of talking to myself personally, not some random person in some other country who could most likely care less about your experience. We want to earn your trust! These are my products and my passions and I want to make sure you like our outdoor and survival gear as much as I do! 

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